How pay attention to network status codes is valuable for your website performance

May 15, 2023

Website performance with status code
Website performance with status code

  • Network status codes inform users

When a user accesses your website, the server sends a network status code to indicate whether the request was successful or failed. If the request was successful, the user can access your website. If the request failed, the user will be informed of the error encountered, such as a 404 code indicating that the requested page was not found. Network status codes therefore provide information to users and help them understand the errors encountered.

  • Network status codes influence search engine optimization

Search engines take into account network status codes to evaluate the quality of your website. Frequent error codes can be considered a sign of poor quality and can affect your SEO. For example, 404 codes indicate that the requested page was not found, which can cause SEO problems if these pages are not corrected or redirected.

  • Network status codes help detect errors

Network status codes allow website administrators to detect errors and problems on their site. Frequent error codes may indicate server problems or configuration issues. Administrators can use this information to correct errors and improve the quality of their website.

  • Network status codes improve security

Some network status codes are used to indicate security problems. For example, the 401 code indicates that the user is not allowed to access a page without proper authentication. Therefore, network status codes help to secure your website and protect users from unauthorized access.

  • Conclusion:

Network status codes are a crucial element for the proper functioning of your website. They provide information to users, influence SEO, detect errors and improve security. It is therefore important to understand the importance of these codes and to use them appropriately to ensure a satisfactory user experience and better visibility of your website.